I was always tutored that the key to ethereal flapjacks was nothing further than the hum-
ble egg. still, through trial and playing with colorful flour/ liquid
rates, I was suitable to come up with a mound of egg-free flapjacks that could fluently
stand in for their egg- filled counterparts.
1 serving
cuisine TIME
15 twinkles
Calories 238, Protein 12 grams, Fat 3 grams, Fiber 6 grams
½ mug gluten-free each- purpose flour( or cover with oat flour)
2 soupspoons vanilla protein greasepaint
1 ½ ladles incinerating greasepaint
1 teaspoon granulated sweetener of choice( or cover with a liquid sweetener
of choice)
¼ tablespoon ocean swab
¼ mug( or further)non-dairy milk of choice( if not vegan, can use any milk)

In a mixing coliseum, add the flour, protein greasepaint, incinerating greasepaint, and granulated
sweetener of choice and mix well.
Add milk to the drymixture.However, add a little more milk until a
If the batter is toothick.thick yet pourable admixture remains.
toast a smoothly greased frying visage on medium heat. Once the visage is hot, pour club-
ter and cook until bubbles start to appear on the edges. Flip and continue cooking
until both sides are smoothly golden.
your batter is too watery, add a little bit more flour.

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