Cauliflower Toast- Easy but a nutrient-rich recipe

This keto dish doesn’t need bread or flour. It’s low in fat and high in fiber. It’s a great breakfast option that’s full of B vitamins, antioxidants and naturally high in fiber. Despite not being a fitness freak, I enjoy eating healthy. However, I will never, ever surrender my sense of taste. Those green smoothies aren’t something I can consume. This toast is a must-try when you’re on the go and want something nutritious and filling. Here is the recipe.


Cauliflower rice -1 cup ( Store-bought or you can grate using a box grater/shredder)


Shredded parmesan Cheese- ¼ cup

Powdered black pepper- ½ tsp

Salt- 1/8 tsp

finely chopped Cilantro, basil — for flavor.


  1. First, spread the cauliflower rice on a paper towel or squeeze in a muslin cloth to remove the excess water.
  2. Add the cauliflower rice, two eggs, shredded cheese and salt to a mixing bowl. Add pepper( you can use paprika powder or chopped green serrano peppers too), chopped cilantro or parsley as per your liking.

3. Beat everything together; just a whisk would do. It would come like a batter.
4. On the stove top, heat a skillet on medium heat. Add a few drops of cooking oil (coconut oil) to the skillet. When the pan is hot enough, pour the batter (Tip: I use a small square non-stick sandwich skillet to get the shape of the toast).

5. When it turns firm on the base, flip it and add a few drops of oil at the edges. If you use a non-stick skillet, you can avoid the oil at this step. Cook the toast until it is firm. With a toothpick, you can check.

6. Make bread like toast and enjoy. This would give two toasts. The egg and cheese bind the cauliflower. Don’t burn the cheese; if you can’t handle it, you can add cheese as a topping at the end. Enjoy with a pesto sauce if you prefer a healthy recipe. But I like to have it with sriracha sauce 🤭.

Recipe Notes:

If the batter is thin and runny, you can add almond flour or more cheese. Adding vegetables like minced garlic or shredded carrots will enhance the richness. But, if you are on a strict keto diet, you can follow the above recipe.

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