This form started out as a cheesecake ice cream trial, but after several trials I
set up it to be much better suited as just a cheesecake. The texture, formerly stupefied,
was firm, delicate, and perfect as apre-bed snack thanks to the dairy!
1 serving
cuisine TIME
5 twinkles, plus 30 twinkles to firm up
Calories 149, Protein 8 grams, Fat 0 grams, Fiber 3 grams
1 large frozen banana, diced
tablespoon bomb juice
1 tablespoon cinnamon
2 soupspoons milk of choice( dairy-free, if necessary)
ΒΌ mug smooth fat-free ricotta rubbish OR cabin rubbish
1 teaspoon sweetener of choice( voluntary)

In a high- speed blender or food processor, add all the constituents and mix until a
thick thickness remains.
Transfer the admixture to a coliseum or glass and chill it for 30 twinkles to firm
You can substitute the ricotta rubbish with Greek yogurt, but the thickness will be
smoother. Consider blending the admixture until the yogurt is slightly immersed.
For a sweeter cheesecake, increase the sweetener. I actually forget it, as I find the ba-
nana sweet enough.

exchange out the ricotta rubbish for dressed coconut yogurt. You may want to
add a pinch of arrowroot bounce to cake, as the yogurt isn’t thick to begin with.

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